The Top Military Family Cities to Live In 2023


Welcome to, the go-to source for military families seeking the perfect place to call home. Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that come with military life, we have curated a list of the top cities that cater specifically to the needs of military families. From proximity to bases to community support, we dive into what makes these cities ideal for you and your loved ones.

Why City Choice Matters for Military Families

Military life comes with its set of challenges, including frequent relocations. Choosing a city that not only meets your logistical needs but also offers a supportive and enriching environment is crucial. A city that aligns well with your family’s needs can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Key Factors in Selecting a Military-Friendly City

When choosing a city, military families should consider several factors:

  • Proximity to Military Bases: Easy access to work and military resources is a top priority.
  • Cost of Living: Affordability can greatly influence your family’s lifestyle.
  • Education Opportunities: Quality education is essential for your children’s development.
  • Employment for Spouses: Opportunities for military spouses are key for a stable family income.
  • Community Support: A supportive community provides invaluable resources and friendships.

Top Military Family Cities to Live In

Each city offers unique benefits, catering to different preferences and needs.

San Diego, California

  • Overview: Famous for its year-round pleasant weather and beautiful beaches.
  • Military Family Benefits: Home to numerous bases, San Diego boasts excellent schools and a strong military community.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • Overview: This coastal city is steeped in military history.
  • Benefits: Close to several bases, Virginia Beach is known for its supportive community.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Overview: Offers a scenic mountainous landscape and outdoor activities.
  • Benefits: Host to multiple military installations and top-rated educational institutions.

Jacksonville, North Carolina

  • Overview: A smaller city with a significant military presence.
  • Benefits: Known for its affordability and close-knit community feeling.

San Antonio, Texas

  • Overview: Nicknamed “Military City USA.”
  • Benefits: Features multiple bases, family-friendly activities, and robust community support.

Additional Considerations

Beyond the basics, consider what enriches your family’s life:

  • Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: Cities rich in culture and recreation can greatly enhance your family’s experience.
  • Climate and Geography: Your preference for climate and geographical features matters in your long-term satisfaction.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Access to quality healthcare, especially for specific needs, is a key consideration.

Selecting the right city as a military family is about finding the perfect balance. Whether it’s the vibrant life of San Diego or the affordability of Jacksonville, each city has its charm and set of advantages. Consider what matters most to your family to make the best choice.


  1. What makes a city ideal for military families?
    • A combination of proximity to bases, affordability, educational opportunities, and community support makes a city ideal for military families.
  2. How important is the cost of living in choosing a city?
    • Extremely important, as it directly impacts your family’s lifestyle and savings potential.
  3. Are there specific educational benefits in these cities for military families?
    • Many of these cities have schools offering programs tailored for military children, providing a stable and understanding educational environment.
  4. What employment opportunities are available for military spouses?
    • These cities often have diverse job markets, with some offering employment initiatives specifically for military spouses.
  5. How does community support impact the quality of life for military families?
    • Community support provides a network of resources, friendships, and understanding, crucial for families frequently on the move.

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